"SOLI INVICTO COMITI (TO THE SUN, MY INVINCIBLE COMPANION): the Golden Emperors' Coins", comes from the motto we can read on some early Byzantine coin, because the page is dedicated to the Byzantine Empire and it's coins.

After an historical summary you can find some useful information about Byzantine coinage.

Then, for each Emperor (or Empress) there is a card containig his (her) biographical data and historical facts. For each card we offer also, if available, the image of a coin.

The most of them are golden coins, as "Solidus", "Tremissis", "Hyperpyron", "Histamenon", "Tetarteron"; in some card we published silver coins, as "Asper", "Stavraton" or "Trachea"; the images size ratio is approximately 1:1.5 exaggeration.

For another article on Byzantine coins see, on this site: Il Follis di Costantino VII.