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  • LEOPOLD I° of HABSBURG (1660) ed.1993

  • MARIA THERESIA of HABSBURG (200 y. since her death) ed.1980

  • FERDINAND MAXIMILIAN of HABSBURG (150 y. since his birth) ed.1982

  • ELISABETH PR. WITTELSBACH (150 y. since her birth) ed.1987

  • Trieste, the ancient Tergeste, was a Roman colony under the Augustus Emperor (ab. 27 b.C.). In the early Middle Age it was conquered by the Goths; subsequently by the Byzantines (539 a.C.), the Longobards (590; 752-754) and the Franks (787).
    It became a free Commune in 1060, and was ruled by the Venetians in the1202 and since 1285 until 1369. Since 1382 until 1918 (for 536 years!) was governed by the Habsburgs dynasty, becoming the second largest city and the first commercial harbour of Austrian Empire.

    With the creation of these four finest, commemorative medals by some citizens and by a famous numismatic firm of Trieste, this important period of splendor of the city has been highlighted.

    The medals have been made in the workshop S. Johnson of Milan by Prof. Luigi Teruggi.

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